Bilekler Group


Founded in 1957 BİLEKLER MACHİNE has been operating in the automotive spare parts sector until 1959 when it started production of Light Work Machine.

BİLEKLER MACHİNE which produced in the first construction crane facilities in 1959 started production off mass production and other construction machines in line with the demands that came after that day.

BİLEKLER MACHİNE , which started production in 1999 in Nilüfer Organize Sanayi Bölgesi with 4800 m² of closed area and 8200 m² of open area also carries out production , import and export operations in its 2000 m² factory in BURSA Free Zone

BİLEKLER MACHİNE has a significant place in the sector of world & construction machines in the country and world sector with its different stance and line from its day to its present day.
BİLEKLER MACHİNE which takes the support and the of the R & D investments that it has realized , for the first time in Turkey it has been the first in the industry to produce construction crane , asphalt cutting machine , multifunctional compactor , vibrating machines , detachable ware house vertical working – iron cutting machine hydraulic vibrating cylinder.

BİLEKLER MACHİNE , which is always near and near to its users with its widespread sales point and mobile service teams in Turkey is exporting to more than 50 countries in 5 continents and is one of the companies with more than 340 products in 15 different main categories and the wides product range in the world.

The constriction sector will be able to supply the machinery and equipments needs in the best conditions in terms of price , time and quality , will lead the development of the construction sector , will create new technologies and will use the information acquired in the field of export and keep the development and continuity under all conditions by closely monitoring advance technology.
To be one of the best in the field of activity by continuously improving the succesfull position of the company domestic and abroad reach , to provide customer satisfaction as an honest and reliable company and to ensure the effective and efficient use of the brain power of our country…